Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arsene Wenger confident of Arsenal glory after 6-0 win

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that it can be hard in the first game 6-0 Braga in theChampions League this season after the destruction would stop.Arsenal got the dream start in Group H, and Wenger said:
"We want a high quality in every match we play and we keep believing that we can do better. "We believe if we play like this would be very difficult to stop us."The important thing is our humility and our focus and we will have a chance of success."He added Wenger, whose team finished second in the Premier League with 10 points from their first four: "What pleased me most was the quality of collective game because everyone was really good in patches. "I think people who love football and will enjoy the game because we played extremely well. The key now is to strike a balance in the competitions and that means we will rotate from game to game."We played too many games away from the Champions League, so it's important that we deal with that, but the team is hungry and ambitious, so I think it's possible."The Captain's Cesc Fabregas in the form of inspirational as he scored two goals, with Andrei Arshavin, Chamakh and Carlos Vela to make it two times and the outcome is uncertain.Wenger believes that the partnership between the wealthy and well in midfield, Cesc Fabregas - who was strongly linked with a return to Barcelona in the summer - and Jack Wilshere will help meet the 18-year) capacity."It is difficult to compare Cesc and Jack, although of course they have an exceptional talent," said Wenger, who is now seen as the points of his 16 goals in three games this season homes."What is wonderful is a player of age and Wilshere to see someone like Fabregas for a close-up, to play with him - he'll learn a lot from doing this because it's such an intelligent player. "Cesc has a fantastic effect. Forgotten People was 23 when the other players. What is important is to lead the team to win."What I want is that he gave the ball to Villa as he would have tried to score the third himself - and this reflects the way we want the game and the leader who does what he wants for the game, not selfish play."I came here aged 16 years and enjoy the way we play, what more do you want to be happy?"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cuba agrees to release 52 political prisoners

Cuba has agreed to release 52 political prisoners jailed in the biggest release by communist authorities for decades.This happens after talks in Havana with officials from Spain and the Catholic Church.Five prisoners are expected to leave prison soon, the rest will be released in the coming months.Mr.
Moratinos and his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodrigues also attended the meeting in Havana.Cardinal Ortega said five prisoners - whose names were not released - will be released soon and can go to Spain, along with their relatives.
In the press would leave 110 political prisoners in Cuba prison, the number of the island's leading human rights organization, the Cuban Commission on Human Rights.
Commission spokesman Elizardo Sanchez said he was impressed with how the government release more prisoners, but he added that the movement "means a significant improvement in the dire situation of human rights that exists in Cuba.He argued that "forced exile in Spain is not the same as the unconditional freedom.
Laura Pollan, leader of the dissident group Ladies in White and wife of jailed dissident Hector Maceda, said the group felt that Cuba is "A. .. entry of significant change.She told AP news agency he hoped would be "a real change, the first steps to true freedom, true democracy."
But she added that she thought the government could follow through with this promise: "I do not think I'll let go of all, I think that only some will be."A spokesman for the Human Rights Watch, a group based in the campaign, welcomed the news but said: "The government makes a show for the release of prisoners, but then it does nothing to dismantle the repressive machine is to incarcerate people he their continued detention. "recently issued a number of Cuban political prisoners after Pope John Paul II visited in 1998, when the 101 free.Twenty years ago, Fidel Castro released political prisoners, after the 3600 Cuban exiles."Encounter death There was no immediate word on Mr. Farinas, 48, who said he would fulfill his hunger strike, when all political prisoners in Cuba are exempt.Latest news about his condition is reported in Cuban state media, which usually ignore dissident protests.Official newspaper of the Communist Party Granma published an interview with the doctor treating his principal, Armando Caballero.Dr. Caballero stated that the patient had gained weight in the intravenous feeding that went to a hospital March 11 after collapsing at his home in Santa Clara.But a blood clot had formed in his neck and he also suffers from an infection that can make it impossible for additional intravenous feeding, a doctor said Saturday.Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos in Havana, said the move opens a new era in Cuba.Mr. Moratinos, who has participated in negotiations, also expressed hope that can help to "put aside differences once and for all prisoners.The minister said Spain is willing to take in all the 52 prisoners who were arrested in a government crackdown in 2003.
Is the Cuban government under pressure for the release of jailed dissidents as strike, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, died in February.His death prompted a dissident Guillermo Farinas, to begin a hunger strike, which lasted more than 130 days.Cuba has always denied that there were political prisoners, calling them mercenaries paid by the United States to undermine the rule Havana, says the BBC's Michael Voss in the capital.But President Raul Castro has been stung on the basis of international criticism after the death of Mr. Tamayo in February, our correspondent adds.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twin car bombings in central Baghdad kill 18

At least 18 people were killed, 42 injured in double bombing in Baghdad, Iraqi officials said.The vehicle blew up within minutes of each other than in government agencies and banks Nisoor Square near al - Yarmouk district of the capital.
A Ministry of the Interior building contains offices, issuing identity cards, people line up outside the time explosion.
There are more volatile, since Iraq's parliamentary elections in March.The survey yielded no winner, the transaction between the parties to form a coalition government has not yet reached.
A new government is considered essential to help stabilize Iraq before the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. combat troops by the end of August.
Officials said the explosion had been full of cars a few hundred meters, every park, destroyed about 1130 (0830 GMT) in the Sun.This area bombers - the Ministry of the Interior and the police office, and headquarters of the Iraqi Trade Bank owned - full of people at the beginning of the work week.The building was severely damaged in the blast, while the dead were security personnel deployed, the officials added.Overnight, three roadside bombs exploded in mainly Shia areas al - Harja, including at least two people and wounded 14.Authorities say the Iraqi media said the first bomb explosion occurred in the main street. And the local assembly, the second bomb exploded when police arrived at the scene, is the third bomb exploded.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Germans approve euro rescue plan

The parliament of Germany has the contribution of the country to a 750bn Euro ($938bn, approves £651bn) rescue business for the Eurozone.
The German contribution is would be amounted to schlüssel to the plan, and to enlarge to 148bn Euros. Chancellor Angela Merkel overcame against far common interior opposition to its support for measure to help Greece, and other fighting EU economies. But it warned that the Euro "in danger" would be without strong action.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Labour MP charged over expenses

MP Eric Illsley was charged with the false accounting on its expenditures and suspended by the Labor Party.
It is accused advertisement dinonestly £20,000 in the local taxes and the others bill on his secondary residence to London.
The Barnsley MP Central will appear to City of Court of the Magistrates of Westminster on June 17. Three former MPs of Work and a conservative former one already examine was loaded under the Act of Flight on their expenditure complaints all deny the evil. Announce M suspension of Illsley of the Labor Party, a spokesperson said: "The Labor general secretary of Party distributed Eric Illsley with a suspension that follows the announcement of PUBLIC MINISTER of load criminal against him.
"Consequently, Eric Illsley was suspended Whip and cannot attend meeting of Labor Party. This was felt necessary taking account of the criminal loads". DecisionIn a declaration, a Director of Accusations Keir Starmer Public said: "Having reconsidered to bottom a file of proof that we received Metropolitan Police on March 30 this year, we concluded that there is sufficient proof and this is in the public interest to bring criminal loads against Eric Illsley MP". It said that M Illsley did facing three loads under section 17 of the Act of Flight 1968 for the false accounting. "The first load alleges that M Illsley disnonestly claimed expenditures in comparison with the local taxes, the loads of service and discussion, the loads of repairs and assurance, and the loads of and communications for his secondary residence in the Road of Reinforce, London, between May 2005 and April 2006. "The second load relates to the same complaints between May 2006 and April 2007, and the third load relates to the same complaints between May 2007 and April 2008. "In to total the loads allege a surpassing sum £20,000 disnonestly was claimed on this period of three years". The proof classifies on eight politicians now was transmitted to the Public Ministry for a decision to be done on if to load them. Five people were loaded, two cases were fallen and an ampler file always is under the consideration by the PUBLIC MINISTERE. The prosecutors said that a decision will be done on the the one case remarkable "in the due course". M Starmer added: "M Illsley now the positions charged with the criminal offences and have the right to a just process. "It is extremely important that nothing should be retrieved that can the prejudice his process". All the loaded men in comparison with the expenditures denied the evil

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smart fabrics are back in fashion

The Italian city of Prato was constructed on fabric.
There is even a there devoted museum to his history, therefore there is the not better place to weave the Italian together traditional know-how with the numerical technology and proposed the next generation of fabric, that they call "intelligent fabric".
A business called Luminex hit on the idea of weaving fiber view in fabric, therefore the person that the door can illuminate a piece really when they the enter.
Luminex Cristiano Peruzzi said: "This is a fabric contains, among the something else, fiber views, but there is also a technical side to him.
"The system consists wiring some, and the fiber view is lit by the LED of high effectiveness. The system it that supplies varies according to the function".
Luminex to shimmer the clothing include shawls to shine, just like the shirts and the pants this scintillement. But this is not just of the in the evening persons that go out in nightclub of which the stars take out the night.
Cristiano Peruzzi said: "There are applications more of the immediate, all of the clothing for the events or occasions and of the incidental special one, and also the furniture of household, the cushions etc.
"But there is also an entire range of applications that are more technical, as the services of security and urgency".
It is easy to see how this technology could save lives in a manner conceivable in the conditions where visibility is low, as in fog or the smoke.
Put the technology in the method could save also the life of industry of fabrics of Prato house grown, meeting currently the challenge of new competition of the businesses and the Chinese importations.
Interactive fabrics The Italians are not the only one a that explores the interface between fabric and the technology.
The British Eleksen of business proposed a fabric that is sensitive to touch.
Elektex consists in three put to bed fabric that allows a load to run between them when you touch them.
Eleksen the general director Robin Shephard said: "If it simply is touched, said software 'it was touched, therefore the brand that a button. If for a keyboard, do that a Q, do that a W, do that an E, when it here is touched, here, here'.
"But equally software can say 'if it is touched in [a special] the movement kind, then this is a gesture of big blow and I want you bring up the volume or I want to put you the volume'."
With the software instead of fabric itself determining that it is used for, the applications only are limited by your imagination and which goes in any probability done of money.
It can be used as a pocket of PDA, especially if you go simply prints a keyboard on the side and the faucet far.
Eleksen hopes as as a day as every jacket will come equipped with the radio and the washable checks of iPod.
So how removed we is full blown equipment that is in soft fact?
Robin Shephard said: "The method brands understand just now that the technology can be a basic party of method.
"Flexible billposting [will] becomes correct flexible billposting that you can bung in the machine to wash and it will wash them for thirty times and they will be fine. When that arrives, then we will see that a new entire wave to be technologies and capable information to be put in the clothing and clothing".
This not to be inconceivable that the technology and the gadgets that you use cannot seem to cost just, but in fact to become, the shirt of your back.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cannes Film Festival 2010: Woody Allen's medley of a cast keeps secrets in 'Tall Dark Stranger'

The worlds enter in collision to the Festival of the film of Cannes, where is every day as a marriage event.
A new family between, you meet the guests and attend a ceremony. Only here this is on a red rug, the parents are all famous and the jewelry store must be return by 9 o'clock the next day.
The night of Saturday, it was Allen Ligneux and his "You Will Meet a Big Unknown one Dark". Last Woody is a story of combined morality with a comedy. The kind of "the Crimes and Offences and Some Laughs". Almost none of the characters are happy in the latter partial payment of the saga of Allen, but everyone is interesting, witty and keep a secret.
The distribution of "Unknown" is a mixture: Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, the Watts of Naomi and Antonio Will Bandage is the big names. The Poinçon of Lucy, a British, plays an updated "Powerful Aphrodite" crushed in top with the character of the Wood of Rachel of Evan of Allen more recent, "although the Works". But the true star here a British other, Tapped Jones, of which the subtle execution as a woman of which the husband leaves she after 30 years of marriage will be a Judi the revelation dench-affectiant to those that she do not know in the States. To a press conference that follows to sort it of "the Unknown one," Allen was front and the center. It said that we would not see it in another film soon until it can amount a manner to obtain the girl.
"I like to be the romantic advance," it said. "I am not amounted a manner to still to cause it".
It seemed completely relaxed and rented Brolin and said that the two actresses that it wanted to always work with are Cate Blanchett and Reese Witherspoon.
This was the true Woody, the one we remember of its albums of comedy. It was almost as it did standup. What a pleasure to hear describes it the old age - it is 74 - as something that it would not recommend. It always also is obsessed with the death, although it is not in favor of it, it said.
Woody and his band replaced "Wall Street" rug Saturday red. On Fridays evening, "Wall Street" gave rise to the huge agitation with an unending arrival of stars, including Martin Scorsese, Naomi Campbell, Ellen Barkin, Salma Hayek and Gael Garcia Bernal.
According to my sources, the Fox spent "at least $2 million" to bring his marriage to Canes. Discussions were not held in city but to the Cork of The of dear extreme Hotel, a half hour far. This seems a not very excessive one for a film that will not open until September 23. Will the journalists hold really their histories that a long time? (No) But this is "Wall Street," after all. The art imitates life, and Fox all has that the money of "Change" to play with. Maybe "Wall Street: 3D" will be next. Nothing is impossible.